Shell Coding Challenge 2016 !

Subscription :
In order to participate in the challenge, each student/pair should have been subscribed via the google form.

Competition :
The challenge consists in 5 hours of code in Shell/Bash during which problems of different levels of difficulty will be presented to the challengers

Is Internet authorized ?
Usage of Internet is authorized for search. Otherwise cheating and exchange of solutions is banned.

Are all Shell languages authorized ?
All Shell languages are authorized. Otherwise the use of Bourne Shell (sh) or Bash is recommended.

Who can participate ?
The participation to the challenge is not restricted for students from the National School of Computer Science (ENSI); in fact, it is open to all the students who have some knowledge with shell programming language and who are willing to challenge.

Prizes to win ?
The First and second team will receive prizes. Please check the Prizes page for more details about the prizes.

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