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In order to gain points, your scripts should run and print/return the correct output!

The challenge starts at 13h00 :) The list of the problems to solve will be displayed here ;)

Submit your proposition to your folder in google drive

1st Challenge (55 points)
Write a script that changes the backgroud image every X minutes : the script must start after every login.

2nd Challenge (35 points)
Write a script that downloads a playlist from youtube and eliminates the garbage characters from the files name. [Playlist en mp3].

3rd Challenge (30 points)
Write a script that takes as input a process name, if the process exists it asks you if you want to kill it. Watch out for multiple processes with the same name!

4th Challenge (45 points)
Write a script that takes as input a compressed file and treats it following these cases:

5th Challenge (40 points) :
Write a script that allows you to crypt a text file ( path in argument1 ) using the veginere method ( key in argument 2 ) & write a decrypt version of this script.
PS : Crypt Script - 20 pts
Decrypt Script - 20 pts

6th Challenge ( 40 points) :
Write a script that take a c file in argument and check some basic syntax mistakes : The script return “good” if the c file is correct, “error” if the file contain some errors.

7th Challenge ( 100 points) :
Write a script as described bellow:
1/ A word (max: 6 characters) is chosen randomly from the file dico. The accurate number of '_' for every single character is displayed.
Download dico here
2/ The user types in a word with the same length in order to find the chosen word and is bounded to a certain number of attempts. eg: [ chosen word: 'coding' ]
number of attempts: 6
'_ _ _ _ _ _' is displayed.
The user writes 'reader'
'You have 1 character that exists but not in the right place, you still have 5 attempts'.

Number of attempts : 5
'_ _ _ _ _ _' is displayed.
The writer writes 'coming'
'co_ing' is displayed
Number of attempts : 5
...So on
Good luck !

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